platform scales

Stable Platforms For Your Platform Scales

If there is one set of scales that can safely measure huge loads for industrial purposes, they are called platform scales. They are manufactured keeping in mind the huge loads associated with this purpose -talk about hundreds of kgs.

As the name suggests, it has a flat rectangular platform top to put your specimen on, and a display that shows how much it weighs. Platform scales nowadays also be connected to a computer or laptop via ports on the scale.

Load cells within the scale:
Platform scales use load cells to weigh these large samples. Load cells are smaller units that are present within the weighing mechanism that can serve to convert the weighed quantity measured from a mechanical quantity to its equivalent electrical quantity. These load cells are actually transducers that convert the forces applied on them into electrical signals.

Effects of vibrations on these:
Load cells can, however, provide inaccurate readings when they are subjected to external vibrations during the loading and weighing process. With the combined effect of vibrations on these individual load cells, there is always a chance that the depicted reading is the sum of the weight of the load as well as the impact of the vibration on the platform scales.

External vibrations that shake the balance when in use can affect the resolution of the instrument as well, making the scale unresponsive to small increments in the weight of the sample.

How we can help you:
Hence, vibrations must not be allowed to travel up to the instrument that we have at hand. Often, complex algorithms are used in labs to eliminate the effects of vibrations on these instruments. However, they can prove only an approximate value of the effect of the vibrations. We are here to provide you with the more efficient solution of placing your scales on a platform that resists these vibrations in order to prevent the vibrations from traveling up to your machine.

We manufacture anti-vibration tables that can serve as stable platforms for your platform scales. At your service are our experts who have years of experience in providing anti-vibration techniques that are useful in R&D, Medicine, Healthcare, Industrial, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Analytical and Biotechnology industries. They can help eliminate the loss of accuracy in weight measurement using your platform scales.

We realize that each user has unique needs and so we can help you by coming up with anti-vibration techniques suitable for your work environment. We at offer you a customized solution to your problem. To know more about anti-vibration techniques suitable for your work environment contact us now through our web page or give us a ring at +91 9393728474.