multifunctional scale

Multifunctional Scales

One set of scales to measure different quantities and materials-From the grocery that you buy every day, to the chemicals in your chemistry lab. They find their applications in various areas: to find out the exact weight of your sample, to check whether the quantity you have in hand is exactly what is specified or also in the filling of cans and tins with the specified amount of material in industries. Sitting pretty on almost every shopping counter or laboratory table, they are handy, durable and suitable for everyday use.

How accurate are your scales?
But what if you find that the readings that you get from your multifunctional scales are being affected by the piling work going on in a nearby plot of land? Yes, vibrations from construction work, drilling within your building or vibrations from other instruments within your lab are few of the many factors that can adversely affect the measurement of your scales.

What was initially a highly versatile set of scales with multiple functionalities can now turn into a source of inaccurate readings for different quantities that are measured using this instrument.

Piezoelectric keypads:
Most sets of scales have a piezoelectric keypad. That is to say, they employ piezoelectric elements that generate a small voltage when a mechanical stress is applied on them. By using the elements under the different keys of the machine, we get a suitable input method to the device.

However, these keypads that are made sensitive to small stresses applied by the touch of a finger, will certainly also be affected by vibrations from the environment. This can cause it to show false readings over time by giving false inputs to the machine.

What is a solution to these vibrations?
With all these external vibrations being present in any laboratory, our solution is to leave the vibration source where it is and minimize its effect on your instrument. After all, why miss a chance to get the maximum out of your instrument?

We reduce the effect of vibrations on your instrument to a large extent by providing you with anti-vibration tables. You can place your instruments on our tables to improve the quality of your readings and thus the overall efficiency of your lab. Each laboratory is different and has unique requirements. We at offer you a customized solution to your problem, to know more about anti-vibration techniques suitable for your lab contact us now through our web page or give us a ring at +91 9393728474.