Measuring with Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers play a very important role in almost every manufacturing industry. Food, chemicals, plastic and pharmaceutical industries all have a need to know about how long their product is going to last in the market. The shelf life of a commodity and its quality maintenance depends on the effect of moisture on the content to a very large extent.

Hence, most labs today find the use of moisture analyzers. Moisture analyzers are used to determine the amount of moisture content in a sample. This is done by placing the sample on a tray on a weighing balance and then subjecting it to heat by infrared heating. The most commonly used method of infrared heating is using halogen radiators. Then the weight lost by the sample when heated is calculated. This gives the amount of moisture that was originally present in the given amount of sample and this method used is known as the LOD or Loss on drying method.

Here, the term moisture refers to the degree of wetness due to water as well as other gases. If the moisture in terms of water content alone is to be determined, other methods such as the Karl Fischer titration method to find water content can be used.

Earlier, the baking oven method was used to dry the sample. However, drying by convection involves a very long time for measuring moisture and can take upto 6 hours for a single sample. The process of using infrared radiation was much faster and reduced this time to a few minutes. Hence, this method is preferred.

Nowadays, moisture analyzers come with displays that have a high resolution and are extra bright. However, these instruments need to be handled with care and it is recommended that they be protected from shocks, blows or external vibrations to prevent damage and inaccuracy. For this, they need to be set on a stable surface. They must also be protected from drafts of air or air currents. We at anti vibration technologies can provide you with the surfaces that you need or the smooth running of your moisture analyzers.

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