mass comparators

Make The Most Of Your Mass Comparators

Ever wondered what allows you to be sure about if you are getting the exact amount when you say 1 kg of spices or sugar? What are the standards that they measure it with? Who ensures that the weight you get is what is said on the dial?

This is why we have a national standard in your country that ensures that you get your money’s worth. It makes sure that balances within the country are all accurate, and well, you could be in serious trouble if you have a faulty balance being used at your store or work environment.

Role of mass comparators in national standards:
National standards in every country and an international one as well is essential to ensure that people world-over are on the same plane when it comes to weighing in production, consumption, and trading of resources or goods. Such a high purpose would indeed call for a superior standard of measuring and this is where the mass comparators come in.

Mass comparators are known for their high resolution in measuring weights. They can detect even the slightest changes in weight, even if these changes are very small as compared to the weight of the entire sample on the tray. No wonder they are used as an important tool in these national standards.

How vibrations can affect it:
Any instrument that is applauded for their high resolutions can still be affected by the vibrations from the environment around it that travel through the floors. They can be from the traffic outside, the banging of doors in the building or even from other vibrating instruments in the same work environment.

Talk about when you are trying to write in your best handwriting for the school magazine and someone shakes your hand just as your pen hits the paper. Annoying, isn’t it? Needless to say, it is the same when you try to make accurate measurements with an extremely precise instrument, only to be disturbed by shakes and quakes from all around.

How we can help:
We understand the problems that you face as you aim at excellence in your work. Hence, we would like to provide you with a platform that is capable of eliminating the vibrations generated from outside or within the environment of your workplace. You can place your instruments on our anti-vibration tables to get error-free readings with no trouble.

We can also help you by coming up with anti-vibration techniques suitable for your work environment. We know that each workplace is different and has unique requirements. We at offer you a customized solution to your problem, to know more about anti-vibration techniques suitable for your work environment contact us now through our web page or give us a ring at +91 9393728474.