Collaborate to Innovate


Increase information sharing

We are actively seeking international companies for R&D and business partnerships.

We are looking for a strategic partner for distribution of our products worldwide. We would like to cooperate in further R&D in weighing balance tables to provide world class solutions for vibration isolation.

LCGC LABS brings to any partnership more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the field of weighing and related products.

We are also looking for distributors & re-sellers which are already in the business and can sell our products locally.


Creating a results driven partnership

We aim to work with businesses across all sectors to promote collaboration in a way which drives profit and innovation.

Creating a results driven partnership


Agility and innovation through better collaboration

Our approach to collaborations is that we aim to foster long-term business relationships.

We have a history of many successful collaborations that have enabled us to grow our business and deliver value to our customers and partners around the world.

Whenever we seek a new collaboration, we are open to any and all candidates, regardless of nationality or size, and evaluate them based on their overall strengths.

We welcome your ideas and encourage you to get to know us better.

Nothing quite so magical as successful collaboration!

We are strong believers in collaboration. We are keen to foster relationships with organizations and individuals world wide to enable our products to be as effective and wide reaching as possible. If you would like to explore possibilities for collaboration then please do get in touch with us.