Semi Microbalance

A semi-microbalance is a small mass measurement device that can support weights of up to one hundredth of a milligram. Semi-microbalances provide precise measurements when you need a readability that reaches five decimals places as opposed to the four decimal places typically featured in regular analytical balances. When you are responsible for delivering accurate results, you need to make sure the equipment you are using can provide you with consistently accurate results.

The primary factors that you need to compare among standard microbalances are:

– Capacity

– Linearity

– Stabilization time

– Calibration type (internal vs. external)

All of these characteristics can impact the final result of your measurements so you want to pay close attention to the specifications for every semi-microbalance you consider. You don’t want to make any mistakes when taking your measurements, so make sure your semi-microbalance features a user-friendly control pad and display.

What are the pros of using a semi-microbalance?

When you opt for a semi-microbalance, you increase the precision of your measurements, as compared to a standard microbalance. A semi-microbalance that provides quick and accurate measurements will make your lab more efficient and increase productivity.

What are the cons of using a semi-microbalance?

The only real drawback of using a semi-microbalance is in those instances where you require smaller measurements. As scientific research continues to evolve, weighing samples will get smaller and smaller. At some point, you might need to replace your semi-microbalance with an even smaller measuring device. provides working platforms for all types of balances. We offer different options to choose ranging from MS powder coated, SS 304, perforated top, etc. For quotes, specifications or to discuss your unique application needs, please use our contact webpage or call us at +91 9393728474.

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Our Goal Is To Help You In Generating Accurate Readings

We have over 14 years of experience serving many different companies in different industries. The broad range of anti vibration tables we supply, and support combined with the superior technical expertise and knowledge of our team, has allowed us to become an invaluable partner to organization in a wide range of industries. From Hyderabad, India we serve from our local and regional market, to the national and international markets.

Here are some of the industries that we serve:

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Services and Products

We sell, distribute, trade anti vibration tables for all makes and models of weighing balances. Our products are offered in multiple sizes and configurations to meet the diverse needs of the industry and their applications.


We focus on high quality anti vibration tables that require specialized industry expertise. Then we ensure that our products perform in each unique customer application. While we specialize in the science behind our products, our customers specialize in bringing their finished products to the marketplace.

Our goal is to help you in generating accurate readings during weighing balance operation every time.

Sleekly Anti Vibration Table

Sleekly Anti Vibration Table from LCGC LABS

Solid and sleekly styled anti vibration table from LCGC LABS offers a stable platform designed and developed exclusively to help nullify vibration during the operation of analytical balances, precision balances, micro balances, and ultra micro balances.

In the Laboratory or R&D or Medical or Healthcare or Industrial or Chemical or Pharmaceutical or Analytical or Biotechnology industries there are some variables that can create havoc on results provided by a weighing balance. Mitigating these environmental affects on balances isn’t always easy, but LCGC LABS balance table can help eliminate irregularities in measurements resulting from environmental affects.

Our anti vibration tables allow all types of balances to perform with accurate results irrespective of environment changes. All our balance tables are designed ergonomically with a scratch resistant jet black granite top. We offer different options to choose ranging from MS powder coated, SS 304, perforated top, etc.

For quotes, specifications or to discuss your unique application needs, please use our contact webpage or call us at +91 9393728474.