Precision Balance

Precise Precision Balances

One instrument. One sample to be measured for a certain value. The same instrument should give the same reading over and over again. Right?

However, such is not the case and more often than not, the readings may vary due to various errors. Error sources may range from human errors in reading the value to defects within the instrument.

What is precision?
In technical terms, precision can be defined as the ability of an instrument to provide us with the same readings for the same sample in spite of measuring the value again and again. The closer the readings are to each other, the more precise the instrument is said to be.

What are precision balances?
The precision balance is an equipment that measures weight up to the order of a milligram. It provides us with a precise value for a specific sample.

How prone are precision balances to vibrations?
Often, to improve its accuracy in measurement, draft shields are provided by the manufacturers to minimize the effect of air currents on the machine.
However, a machine that is affected even by air currents, must certainly be prone to vibrations within the environment as well. Despite its robust nature, vibrations from all around, from a jet plane traveling overhead, or a train on a nearby railway track, can all affect the precision of your
precision balance.

How we can help you:
We work with you to eliminate these effects and make your instrument more accurate and precise so as to provide you with nothing less than the best use of your precision balance. We manufacture tables that can resist these vibrations and hence provide you with a working platform that will minimize errors due to outside vibrations.

With years of experience in the field, our experts can solve the various problems that every laboratory or work environment faces due to vibrations, by providing an optimal use anti-vibration table that suits your needs. With their adjustable height, shock absorbing legs and body and a perfect finish, our tables are designed to guarantee a smile on your face as you continue your journey towards excellence.

Yes, You can be sure that your precision balances are now more precise. We can also help you by coming up with anti-vibration techniques suitable for your work environment. We know that each workplace is different and has unique requirements. We at offer you a customized solution to your problem. To know more about anti-vibration techniques suitable for your work environment contact us now through our web page or give us a ring at +91 9393728474.

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Our Goal Is To Help You In Generating Accurate Readings

We have over 14 years of experience serving many different companies in different industries. The broad range of anti vibration tables we supply, and support combined with the superior technical expertise and knowledge of our team, has allowed us to become an invaluable partner to organization in a wide range of industries. From Hyderabad, India we serve from our local and regional market, to the national and international markets.

Here are some of the industries that we serve:

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Beverage
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Concrete & Cement
  • Education
  • Food Processing
  • Jewelry
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Petroleum
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pharmacy
  • Retail
  • Science
  • Steel
  • Textile
  • Transportation

Services and Products

We sell, distribute, trade anti vibration tables for all makes and models of weighing balances. Our products are offered in multiple sizes and configurations to meet the diverse needs of the industry and their applications.


We focus on high quality anti vibration tables that require specialized industry expertise. Then we ensure that our products perform in each unique customer application. While we specialize in the science behind our products, our customers specialize in bringing their finished products to the marketplace.

Our goal is to help you in generating accurate readings during weighing balance operation every time.

Sleekly Anti Vibration Table

Sleekly Anti Vibration Table from LCGC LABS

Solid and sleekly styled anti vibration table from LCGC LABS offers a stable platform designed and developed exclusively to help nullify vibration during the operation of analytical balances, precision balances, micro balances, and ultra micro balances.

In the Laboratory or R&D or Medical or Healthcare or Industrial or Chemical or Pharmaceutical or Analytical or Biotechnology industries there are some variables that can create havoc on results provided by a weighing balance. Mitigating these environmental affects on balances isn’t always easy, but LCGC LABS balance table can help eliminate irregularities in measurements resulting from environmental affects.

Our anti vibration tables allow all types of balances to perform with accurate results irrespective of environment changes. All our balance tables are designed ergonomically with a scratch resistant jet black granite top. We offer different options to choose ranging from MS powder coated, SS 304, perforated top, etc.

For quotes, specifications or to discuss your unique application needs, please use our contact webpage or call us at +91 9393728474.