Better Balance for your Analytical Balances

Analytical balances are also called ‘lab balances’ and are used for weight measurement in the milligram range. Needless to say, the sample size is extremely small and needs to be handled with extreme care to get good results. A small shake or vibration can cause spillage of the sample or a redistribution of the same which can significantly affect the results.

These are extremely sensitive devices and they can yield an accuracy of up to 4 decimal places. To maintain their efficiency and accuracy, good balances must be calibrated at regular intervals. This maintains precision and also increases the overall lifetime of the balance.

Earlier, mechanical analytical balances that used actual weights to balance out the weight of sample were used. Today, the electronic analytical balance is more widely used. This balance does not use a mass, rather it generates a force that counters the weight of the sample, using an electromagnet. This force is then measured to calculate the weight of the sample.

Analytical balances are a part of almost every lab and today, and the competition between the brands that manufacture them is quite high. This also means a higher quality of the products in the market today. The devices now come with advanced features like LED screens for display, glass shields for protection from air currents and even direct printing of reports. The focus today is on an efficient, error-free device that can give accurate results.

Nowadays, report generation by the machine means that there is zero paperwork. This is a big plus for analytical balances today. Eliminating paperwork means less of the hassle and unnecessary human errors associated with it. However, the flip side is this: When reports are generated automatically, there are customized workflows that take place within the machine based on the measured value. Small vibrations from the environment can cause errors during weight measurement that get amplified in the workflow and contribute to a loss of accuracy in the final result.

Therefore, there is a need for a stable surface with minimal shocks or vibrations affecting the device during its performance. Most devices come with recommendations for using shockproof tables or surfaces to mount your analytical balances. This is where our anti-vibration tables come into play. We provide you with a table that notably removes the vibrations reaching your device. We also provide draft shields that help minimize the vibrations from an overhead ceiling fan or a draft or air current within the room.

We realize that each lab has unique needs and so we can help you by coming up with anti-vibration techniques specifically suited to your work environment. We at offer you a customized solution to your problem.

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