multifunctional scale

Multifunctional Scales

One set of scales to measure different quantities and materials-From the grocery that you buy every day, to the chemicals in your chemistry lab. They find their applications in various areas: to find out the exact weight of your sample, to check whether the quantity you have in hand is exactly

mass comparators

Make The Most Of Your Mass Comparators

Ever wondered what allows you to be sure about if you are getting the exact amount when you say 1 kg of spices or sugar? What are the standards that they measure it with? Who ensures that the weight you get is what is said on the dial?

This is why we have a national standard in your country that ensures that you get your money’s worth. It makes sure that balances within the country are all accurate, and

Precision Balance

Precise Precision Balances

One instrument. One sample to be measured for a certain value. The same instrument should give the same reading over and over again. Right?

However, such is not the case and more often than not, the readings may vary due to various

platform scales

Stable Platforms For Your Platform Scales

If there is one set of scales that can safely measure huge loads for industrial purposes, they are called platform scales. They are manufactured keeping in mind the huge loads associated with this purpose -talk about hundreds of kgs.

As the name suggests, it has a flat rectangular platform top to put your specimen on, and a display that shows how much it weighs. Platform scales nowadays also be