Sleekly Anti Vibration Table

Sleekly Anti Vibration Table from LCGC LABS

Solid and sleekly styled anti vibration table from LCGC LABS offers a stable platform designed and developed exclusively to help nullify vibration during the operation of analytical balances, precision balances, micro balances, and ultra micro balances.

In the Laboratory or R&D or Medical or Healthcare or Industrial or Chemical or Pharmaceutical or Analytical or Biotechnology industries there are some variables that can create havoc on results provided by a weighing balance. Mitigating these environmental affects on balances isn’t always easy, but LCGC LABS balance table can help eliminate irregularities in measurements resulting from environmental affects.

Our anti vibration tables allow all types of balances to perform with accurate results irrespective of environment changes. All our balance tables are designed ergonomically with a scratch resistant jet black granite top. We offer different options to choose ranging from MS powder coated, SS 304, perforated top, etc.

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Chemical Weighing – Analytical Balance

In the pharmaceutical industry, accurate measurement of chemicals used in the advanced development of new and better drugs for humans has become absolutely the highest vital function. Measurements in tiny increments, in micrograms, may be necessary to enable chemists to research components found in nature that otherwise would be impossible if it were not for analytical balances.

Analytical balances have entered the digital age. Long gone is the triple-beam scale for the measurement of extremely tiny amounts. There may be extracts from plants foliage or even sea animals that are so small that only a digital analytical balance could detect them. The dire need for knowing these infinitely tiny amounts is necessary for understanding how they work in nature, and how they could possibly work for humankind.

Digital scales have been around for decades, but none is so sensitive than analytical balances, which have microchip control, enabling research scientists in the pharmaceutical field to know how much of a chemical to expect when extracting materials from a known natural resource. Analytical balances have a high sensitivity for this purpose, and are so sensitive that they need shielding from air currents that may form in the lab environment due to moving personnel. Such shielding should not interfere with the weighing platform, as this configuration is necessary for ease of use.

Some items, such as plant foliage or leaf material, may be weighed accurately first, giving the scientists knowledge of their mass before extracting compounds. After extraction, the compounds can be weighed, which can give vital data such as how much living tissue can produce a certain amount of the compound. This can be done easily with analytical balances, a necessary part of natural resource investigations.

LCGC LABS anti vibration tables are perfect match for these analytical balances. We have carved a niche in the market by offering Anti Vibration Tables with different sizes and materials (MS, SS 304, Perforated, etc).

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Balance Table for Analytical Purposes

Choosing a Balance Table for Analytical Purposes

Balance Tables use for analytical purposes for highly accurate weighing samples within the laboratory environment. They are incredibly important in a wide range of industries and applications and can be highly specialised.

As such, any lab manager choosing a new analytical balance table must do so wisely.

There are many things he must consider before a purchase, and these are outlined below.


One of the most obvious issues when choosing any new piece of lab equipment is the cost. Labs run under tight budgets and have to ensure anything they buy offers value for money.

However, the purchase should not be seen in simple price terms alone. Investing in a high quality analytical balance table can be very worthwhile in the long run, so the initial high outlay should not be seen as a negative factor.

Instead, view the purchase in terms of value for money: is the cost justifiable in terms of results and improvements in performance and quality that it will bring.


Depending on the situation the analytical balance table is to be used in, accuracy can be a deciding factor.

Many balances are accurate to 0.01 milligram. Alongside this, it should be considered how reliable the measurement is. There is no point having an accurate reading if the measurements are not consistent.


All lab equipment needs to be reliable so that scientists know they do not have to worry about breakdowns or downtime.

Check the reputation of the company that makes and sells the analytical balance tables and consider the maintenance required and after-sales support available.

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