Sleekly Anti Vibration Table

Sleekly Anti Vibration Table from LCGC LABS

Solid and sleekly styled anti vibration table from LCGC LABS offers a stable platform designed and developed exclusively to help nullify vibration during the operation of analytical balances, precision balances, micro balances, and ultra micro balances.

In the Laboratory or R&D or Medical or Healthcare or Industrial or Chemical or Pharmaceutical or Analytical or Biotechnology industries there are some variables that can create havoc on results provided by a weighing balance. Mitigating these


Chemical Weighing – Analytical Balance

In the pharmaceutical industry, accurate measurement of chemicals used in the advanced development of new and better drugs for humans has become absolutely the highest vital function. Measurements in tiny increments, in micrograms, may be necessary to enable chemists to research components found in nature that otherwise would be impossible if it were not for analytical balances.

Analytical balances have entered the digital age. Long gone is the triple-beam scale for the measurement of

Balance Table for Analytical Purposes

Choosing a Balance Table for Analytical Purposes

Balance Tables use for analytical purposes for highly accurate weighing samples within the laboratory environment. They are incredibly important in a wide range of industries and applications and can be highly specialised.

As such, any lab manager choosing a new analytical balance table must do so wisely.

There are many things he must consider before a purchase, and these are outlined below