Laboratory Analytical Balance

How to Correctly Use a Laboratory Analytical Balance

Analytical balances have become one of the most important pieces of scientific equipment within the laboratory or research space. By allowing weights to be determined to an incredible accuracy, of 0.1 mg or better, they have opened up many options for scientists and researchers, enabling experiments and tests that were previously not possible, or would not have given usable results.

However, having an accurate analytical balance in the lab is of no consequence unless it can be


Analytical Balances for Quality Control

Analytical balances are a key piece of laboratory equipment as they ensure accurate experiments can be carried out.

They are also vital for many other processes, such as quality assurance for injection moulded plastic components. There are many companies providing solutions for manufacturers that need a simple yet effective way to accurately weigh parts.

Random samples of freshly moulded parts from every production batch must go through a series of


Accurate Weighing in the Lab

In any chemical research laboratory, the need for high precision in instrument function, pipetting, and even weights and measures is vital for the constant reproducible results. As for reagent mixing and setup, weighing out reagent powders and liquids properly and with precise discipline is advantageous for accurate resulting. Weighing balances are needed for this function and the more precise the better.

There are many styles and types of analytical weighing balances. Triple beam scales has been and industry standard

Analytical Balances Pharmaceutical Lab

Analytical Balances in the Pharmaceutical Lab

Laboratory analytical balances are a vital part of the pharmaceutical industry. Weights and measures of all types must follow exacting standards in order to create a successful end product. A weighing analytical balance can provide for accurate weight measurements, which can also include quantification of solids, powders, or solutions.

An excellent lab balance can have certain properties that set it aside from all other weighing scales.  Ease of use is at the front line, but


Operating Tips for Analytical Balances

Analytical balances are high precision laboratory instruments used to measure masses. They can give readings to an incredibly accuracy, allowing even small samples to be weighed down to thousandths of a gram.

In order to ensure they remain accurate and reliable, great care must be taken when setting up, operating and cleaning analytical balances in the lab.

Setting up an analytical balance

The balance should be set up on a stable anti vibration table where it will not be knocked or affected by


Analytical Balances for Easy Weighing

An analytical balance is the ideal choice for safe and accurate weighing in the lab. But which one do you choose and how can you can separate the unique advantages from one to the other?

First of all, you need a product that can aid the scientist by ensuring the risk of error is reduced while increasing efficiency, and is easy to use. You also need a platform to be complemented by


Balance Tables Used In Medical Research

In the demanding field of medical research, especially in biochemistry, and biotechnology the need for highly sensitive and accurate lab balances is paramount to the success of the procedures these laboratories use. There are many lab products providers who claim they have the answer to the accuracy issues, but to accomplish the ultimate in weights and measures, one must turn to a tried and true manufacturer. A laboratory