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Anti Vibration Tables for micro balances, precision balances, ultra micro balances, analytical balances, platform scales, multi functional scales, mass comparators, thermal analysis instruments, planetary ball mills, and microscopes. Suitable for all makes and models.

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The Best Anti Vibration Table!

We have spent many years developing state-of-the art anti vibration tables, which provide the user with a truly vibration free environment.
Expertise in Precision Vibration

Expertise in Precision Vibration

Our products enable ultra-precision research, measurements, and manufacturing in fields of photonics, semiconductor manufacturing, life sciences, drug discovery, nanotechnology, etc.

Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Service

All our products are designed and manufactured at our state-of-the-art, manufacturing facility and are backed by a customer commitment to provide superior quality and service.

We Don’t Believe in the Hard Sell

We Don’t Believe in the Hard Sell

We replaced the hard sell concept with the ‘Hard Listen’. It does us no good to push you into a buying decision that does not help your business increase efficiency while reducing costs.

100% On-Time Shipment

100% On-Time Shipment

We offer unmatched lead times to better serve you. Ask our customer service representative how quickly you can receive your order of vibration isolation table today.


Vibration Isolation Table

Our years of market knowledge and experience have enabled us to establish ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of anti vibration tables. Our tables are highly acknowledged in the field of R&D, Medical, Healthcare, Industrial, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Analytical, and Biotechnology industries. Owing to its superior quality, our tables are available in different sizes and finishes. Moreover, clients can buy these tables from us at factory direct prices.

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All our anti vibration tables are tested in our NABL accredited testing facility, to achieve the accurate results during practical use.
Accurate weighing results require stable working conditions!

Accurate weighing results require stable working conditions!

Suitable for Micro Balances, Precision Balances, Ultra Micro Balances, Analytical Balances, Platform Scales, Multi Functional Scales, and Mass Comparators

Our anti vibration table offers outstanding protection from vibrations and oscillations, which would otherwise distort the weighing result. Solid framed base can be leveled and has ample working space for accessing the balance. Polished granite slab provides solid support, and combined with specially designed rubber vibration reducing pads, it makes for an anti vibration table that gives user the vibration relief needed for precision weighing. The table comprises two separate parts: An internal working surface consisting of a thick granite slab mounted on adjustable rubber shock absorbing mounts and an external service table with 20 mm granite/SS 304 perforated sheet and rigid SS 304/MS powder coated/aluminium frame and adjustable leveling feet. All our tables are ergonomic styling for user comfort, rugged construction for durability, easy setup, adjustable leveling feet to compensate for uneven floors, and scratch proof top granite slab to prevent surface damage.

Customized dimensions.

7 days dispatch from the date of purchase order.

Factory direct pricing.

Our specially designed anti vibration pads are made from laboratory grade synthetic composite material. Each sheet has defined stress value and can be placed between table top and the table frame.

Our specially designed anti vibration mounts are designed especially for balance tables that require leveling, vibration isolation and reduction. These circular mounts are placed between the anti vibration table and the floor.

Torsion-resistant and rigid support structure due to welded steel frame. Powder coated with 7 Tank process. Knock down construction.

We offer a range of platforms to suit different environments and performance levels. Polished chemical and scratch resistant working platforms as per the end user requirement.

We can undertake IQ/OQ testing and certification for all kinds of balance tables.

Designed to meet the requirements of IVF and ICSI Procedures.

Our tables are available with Active-Air Anti-Vibration, Passive Anti-Vibration, Rigid, and Corner.

Our microscope anti vibration tables consist of high-quality ergonomic design with a modular system of accessories, making them ideal for use in imaging and electrophysiology applications. The active-air and passive anti-vibration frame options provide the user with a tabletop that is isolated from the detrimental effects that vibrations in the lab may cause. All our tables are available in different sizes and shapes. We can also provide custom build tables according you customer requirements. We offer stainless steel/granite tabletops. The upper and lower rails on the frame allow the user to strategically place shelves and other accessories around an imaging system. A corner option is also available that fits in the corner of the lab/room and permits access to the entire surface from the slanted corner. These corner option desks are available with either active or heavy duty passive isolation or rigid non-isolating supports.

7 days dispatch from the date of purchase order.

Factory direct pricing.

Our tables are recommended for use in such diverse applications as electrophysiology, cell injection, ultramicrotomy, photomicroscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and confocal laser scanning microscopy.

Vibrations are eliminated by a complex anti vibration system achieved through an optimized choice of mass and stiffness supports and ensures a fast dampening effect.

The inverted microscope is placed on an equilibrated and isolated platform, which gives a smooth and roomy workspace around the microscope for micromanipulation, equipment, mini incubators, patient records etc.

The table is adjustable for all available models of inverted microscopes incl. motorized models.

Enhance the use of the anti vibration table and work with an oncoporated monitor arm.

The microscope platform of the anti vibration table does not touch the actual table. The results is that vibrations reaching the table do not affect the platform.

A mass and a stiff support spring system to ensure fast dampening.

An equilibrated and isolated platform for the inverted microscope.

Roomy workspace around the inverted microscope for micromanipulating systems.

Space for mini incubator.

Stainless steel shelf for accessories.

Monitor on a flexible arm (optional).

Designed to meet the requirements of  IVF and ICSI Procedures.
We will configure the table to best match your needs.

We will configure the table to best match your needs.

Our tables provide an excellent vibration-free working surface for loads up to 350 lbs (160 kg.). The table’s modular construction is ideal for any situation requiring exact vibration-free performance.

Vibration free and vibration reduced working desks are part of every development and research lab. TA instruments have to be protected from external movements, shocks or vibrations to provide precise results. We offers special tables with integrated vibration absorption. All known TA instruments producers are recommending our tables within a lab. With over 10 years of vibration control and vibration isolation design and manufacturing experience, we have become the industry standard for anti vibration products. We are always pleased to fulfill custom made sizes and colours. The work surface of the table can be delivered in granite, stainless steel.

7 days dispatch from the date of purchase order.

Factory direct pricing.

We supply tables with special dimensions, higher loads, stainless steel solutions.

Torsion proofed, welded and powder coated steel frame.

Our tables are designed exclusively for TGAs, DSCs, TMAs, Rheometers, TG/DTAs, DMAS, FTIRS and any other sensitive equipment.

TA instrument passively damped: which is placed on a platform that is isolated from the rest of the table surface.

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